Legal Opinion Letter for EV SSL validation

A Professional Opinion Letter when delivered by a Law firm is called a Legal Opinion Letter. It is an official communication from a Law Firm, which authoritatively attests of certain facts, to allow a third-party to act on the basis of that attestation.

The Certification Authority (CA), the institutions who deliver the EV SSL Certificates, do not do so unless they successfully run a lengthy and sometimes hard to satisfy set of compliance procedures. Indeed, as an EV SSL Certificate is a sort of sensitive document, it does attest of the identity behind the website; pretty much like a National Passport does about your personal identity. Therefore a CA often follows banking standard Know your Customer (KYC) processes. Below are the usual validation steps required for any EV SSL application:

EV SSL validation requirements and Legal Opinion Letter by Comodo

Certification Authorities are eager to receive a Legal Opinion Letter for this matter. This is because an EV SSL Application which has its compliance requirements well prepared with the assistance of a Law Firm is always more welcomed as it saves time, delays and hesitations. Our Legal Opinion Letter provides a rapid, reliable and one-stop reference for verifying your application information.

Our Legal Opinion Letter can satisfy at least the following requirements for an EV SSL certificate:
 Organization Authentication & Identification
 Operational Existence Verification
 Physical Address Confirmation
 Telephone Number Verification
 Domain Name Authentication

According to Comodo (A major Certification Authority for EV SSL), a Legal Opinion Letter can satisfy most of the requirements for the validation process. Below is a quote form their website: 

"As an alternative, verification of items 3-9 can be completed using a letter from a CPA, a chartered accountant, or a legal opinion from an attorney."

As we are an IT enabled Law Firm, we can cover all the technical aspects related to the validation of an EV SSL, such as the Domain Name verification and the EV SSL Certificate Installation. In most of the cases our Legal & Technical assistance can prove sufficient to validate all the requirements for your EV SSL without you having to interact with the Certification Authorities.

As reference you can find out directly from COMODO Official Website, how a Legal Opinion Letter can expedite your EV SSL validation. You will also find there samples of such Opinion Letter.

You feel more confident now to apply for your EV SSL ? 
If you only have one website and you are not planning to have other websites in the next months or year, you can then go for a single domain EV SSL. But if you have more than 1 website the multi-domain is the most cost-effective way of procuring EV SSL. With a Multi-domain certificate you can get 1 to 4 domains already covered on purchase, and you can later add more domains for a low fee.

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